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The Japanese Language Course

Aichi Sangyo University
The Japanese Language Course

 Aichi Sangyo University has set up a program to welcome international students to the university. The program is the Japanese Language and Culture Course (one-year course) for International Students. We hope that international students become a bridge between Japan, the students’ home countries, and the rest of the world.


Course Outline

 This program provides Japanese language instruction, at three proficiency levels, each of which has 8 classes, for speakers of other languages. The program provides its students with language-related computer skills, social and cultural activities, and student advising services.
  In order for international students to enroll in Japanese universities, they have to learn proper Japanese as well as be able to express themselves in the language. This Japanese Language Course is an intensive program that will help international students to improve their Japanese language level. We also offer comprehensive advice for the preparation for the “Japanese Proficiency Examination”, which is required to get accepted into post-secondary institutions.





Grammar and Reading



General Seminar



Japanese Management

Japanese Architecture

Japanese Design

Japanese Politics and Law

Japanese Economy

Japanese Culture and Life I

Japanese Culture and Life II

Japanese Culture and Life III

Intercultural Communication [America and Japan]

Intercultural Communication [Asian Countries and Japan]




Computer Seminar I

Computer Seminar II

Japanese Language Seminar I

Japanese Language Seminar II


Application Information

 This one-year course begins in April and is completed in March of the following year.

  1. Number of Students Accepted

    40 Students

  2. Qualifications

    (1) A person who is not a Japanese national, and satisfies one of the following requirements:

    [A] has completed, in a foreign country, an equivalent to 12 years of formal education as recognized by the Japanese Minister of Education; or
    [B] with consideration to the applicant’s age, recognized, by the University, to be at least academically equivalent to a high school graduate.

    (2) A person who wishes to enroll in a Japanese university or graduate school, after completion of this one-year course.

    (3) A person whose Japanese language ability is, at minimum, equivalent to passing the fourth level of “the Japanese Proficiency Examination”, sponsored by the Association for International Education, Japan.

  3. Application Term (2002-03 Academic Year)

    First Session

    2002. October 1-October 20

    Second Session

    2002. November 1-. November 20


Tuition and Fees


    Tuition and Fees

    Examination Fee

    20,000 yen

    Admission Fee

    100,000 yen


    500,000 yen

    Scholarship for One Time Payment*

    ▲100,000 yen

    Other Fees

    50,000 yen


    670,000 yen

    * The student can pay the Entrance Fee and the Tuition by two installments: at the time of entrance (300,000 yen) and by September 20 (300,000 yen). But if the student makes the full payment at the time of entrance, then the cost is only 50,000 yen.


More Information and Application Packet

 If you are interested in applying for the Japanese Language and Culture Course, please submit this request for an application packet. We will send it, by mail, at once. For more information, please refer to the following address:

The Japanese Language Course

Aichi Sangyo University

12-5 Harayama, Okacho, Okazakishi, JAPAN

Tel: Fax: